What do you do within your volunteering role/roles?

I assist at All Sorts Group for people with dementia. I help everyone who comes feel included and spend a lot of time talking to everyone and help them to take part in all of our activities. I also help ensure everyone has regular drinks and food at lunchtime.


What motivated you to volunteer?

After a period of unemployment and ill health it helped me return to a normal life where I felt integrated and gave me a sense of purpose again.

What do you enjoy about volunteering?

I really enjoy helping everyone to be part of the group and improving peoples lives with kind words and actions.

What difference do you feel volunteers make to the community? Why are they important?

Volunteering is very important as it helps organisations with limited resources to keep running and support important causes.

How helpful is the organisation in supporting you in your volunteer role?

Very supportive team who are all very nice and friendly. Volunteering gave me the opportunity to return to a normal work life and allowed me time out if I needed.

Kelly the Owner and Team Manager tell us more about volunteering with the organisation and the importance of the volunteers in the running of the group.

Why does your organisation use volunteers? What couldn’t you do without your volunteers?

We use volunteers to support our group attendees with dementia, to communicate and socialise. Our volunteers play an extremely valuable role in building rapport and getting to know those who come by giving them the chance to talk about themselves and their history which is something so important for those with dementia whose long term memories are so much clearer than the short term. This important part of our group would certainly not always be possible without volunteers due to time restraints.

What motivated your volunteers to support your organisation?

Our volunteers have expressed in the past how much they appreciate how important the experience of the group for our attendees is to the team as well as how comfortable we make everyone feel. We feel it is so important to make the group a light-hearted and fun environment for attendees, staff and volunteers to make for a happy experience for all.

What do you offer those wanting to volunteer?

Volunteers are always given lunch and all expense are paid including car parking if required. Volunteers are always offered the opportunity for us to fund any places on training that staff attend or that they feel would benefit the group and their role within it.

What would you say to someone who is interested in volunteering for your organisation?

We are a small very friendly and fun team. We are strong advocates for people living well with dementia and are all extremely passionate about this. If you are compassionate, patient, enthusiastic and a good communicator you will love your time with us.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Tel: 01279 498938.

We are currently looking for volunteers on a Weds, Thurs 11 am-3 pm in Ware and 10.30 am-2.30 pm in Sawbridgeworth.