In May 2022, Jarvis Contracting held a company-wide event to help communities across Hertfordshire.


The Jarvis Community Day is held around the 19th May (1905 – the year Jarvis was formed) and is an annual event that creates mutual benefit for the local community, Jarvis and the individual volunteers.


This new programme has a list of goals that volunteers taking part would work towards, these were to:

  • Genuinely make a difference to someone else’s life
  • Engage with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable efforts first-hand
  • Forge positive connections with colleagues and learn new skills in a different context
  • Connect with the community or nature and enhance wellbeing
  • Transform green spaces for residents and communities to enjoy
  • Create a lasting legacy for future generations


Over the course of the week, small teams of volunteers took part in various community based activities across Hertfordshire including gardening, planting and painting for several local charities and community groups. In addition, foodbanks were placed across our sites and at Head Offices in support of local charity DENS.


Getting Rooted CIC in Hitchin were one of the organisations fortunate to receive support from Jarvis Contracting who kindly helped out with many tasks on Tuesday 17th May. The team of volunteers assisted with things like building new compost bays and a trellis frame with salvaged materials to support runner beans, path mulching with woodchip, and path weeding.